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“Tru Blu Pools and Spas are #1 builders of Swimming Pools in Townsville”

Welcome to Tru Blu Pools & Spas.

Specialising in concrete pools Townsville

At Tru Blu Pools & Spas we strive to be Townsville’s premier concrete swimming pool company, with quality and affordability our top priority. We are hands on owner builders. This lets us share the whole backyard transformation with you. We will build your concrete swimming pool to the highest quality with customer satisfaction our primary goal.

With well over 25 years experience in the swimming pool industry we can help you design your family pool so it is not only jaw dropping but practical for the whole family to enjoy. During construction we are on site every step of the way so there is no communication breakdown.

We can also assist with your pool surrounds & pool fencing. Also let us take care of your pool after construction is completed with our experienced pool servicing, so all you have to do is kick back & enjoy time with family & friends in your Tru Blu Pool.

At Tru Blu Pools & Spas we know it is the Aussie dream to have a pool. That’s why we do our best to make our pools affordable for everyone, without cutting down on quality, using only the best quality products on all our concrete swimming pools.

Who We Are

Although we have been operating only for a short time, we here at Tru Blu Pools n Spas bring over 25 years of tried and trusted know-how and have earned the experience which distinguishes us from other companies. We offer a wide range of services to our customers in and near Townsville. Among other things, we build the best concrete pools Townsville, free-form pools, concrete spas, waterfalls, paving and fencing, and indeed anything to do with pools and spas. We continuously and consistently strive to cater for a wide range of customers and provide them with a truly satisfying experience.

Our clients enjoy the best possible services and the lowest possible prices! Over the years we have continued to grow and expand. Our expansion has allowed us to provide a very wide range of pools and pool services.

At Tru Blu Pools n Spas we make it our priority to fulfil the requirements of our clients to perfection. It is for this very reason that we strive to design leisure pools Townsville that are practical and enjoyable. We achieve this by ensuring that highly qualified and skilled members of our company are present on site to ensure a smooth construction process. This significantly reduces the chances of any mishaps, accidents or communication breakdowns. All of this is clearly undesirable and by opting to have a concrete family pool installed by Tru Blu Pools n Spas, you can easily avoid such problems.

When it comes to deciding about pool fencing and advising our customers about pool surrounds and extras we at Tru Blu Pools n Spas are have a wealth of good ideas and experience to draw upon. In addition to this, once the construction is all set and completed you can rely on us to regularly maintain it by providing effective pools Townsville maintenance services.
The secret behind our popular success is that we constantly strive to satisfy the unique and individual requirements of our customers. We at Tru Blu Pools n Spas ensure this by providing staff and service that are approachable, affordable and at the same time will not compromise on quality.

Our Objectives and Services

We take pride in the professionalism and dedication with which our staff approach each and every task. They are able to build family oriented Townsville pools and spas quickly and efficiently in a way which is specifically tailored to meet your requirements. We can build from scratch according to one of our own samples and provide you with valuable insights on practical, yet aesthetically pleasing designs. We always remember that the disruption that can be caused during the pool building process must be kept to a minimum and therefore we make sure that we complete your pool or spa as quickly as possible and with the minimum of bother for you and your family. The dedication, precision and skill which our staff apply when building your customised Townsville pools and spas also contributes to the long-life and durability of your finished product.

We also provide the necessary follow-up maintenance needed for your Townsville pools or family spa. We not only construct pools and spas in Townsville and the surrounding area, but also provide first-class support services, thereby ensuring maximum use for minimum maintenance.  These will help in ensuring that your pool or spa remains in perfect working order for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Our Products

We at Tru Blu Pools n Spas have a wide choice of products to offer. These can be customised according to the varying unique and individual requirements of our customers. Therefore we are flexible in our approach and believe in accommodating our clients to the best of our abilities. We provide formal as well as free formed concrete pools as well as paving, fencing or any other additions you would like to make to your dream pool. We can also assist you with design and help you choose the best solution for your unique situation and way of life.
We are a zodiac Titanium Builder so we can offer you the best pumps & filters at the best price. We can also offer you Magna pool systems.

We also offer concrete spas, pool fences, pool surrounds, paving and landscaping. By choosing Tru Blu Pools n Spas you benefit from using a highly esteemed and well established business which has consistently delivered excellent quality results. Also, and perhaps more importantly, we have provided our customers with help and support during the process of building their pool or spa. Our designs are greatly appreciated by our customers and we have therefore become increasingly popular.

We at Tru Blu Pools n Spas have an excellent reputation for providing our customers with a total turn-key pool solution that never fails to not only live up to our customers’ expectations, but far exceeds them. We have a wealth of experience that can be applied to even the most difficult job. We understand that each of our customers have unique requirements that demand an experienced eye to create the best solution possible. Please call us any time to discuss your ideas and we shall delight in turning your dream in to reality.

We have highly skilled and qualified staff who will always ensure that the building process is completed as quickly as possible and who will then finish your pool or spa with professional finesse that not only satisfies your practical requirements but looks appealing at the same time.

To Our Customers

While some companies often talk about their successes and professionalism here at Tru Blu Pools n Spas we truly value the constant support of our customers and believe in providing satisfaction to them through our consistently high standards of work. It is for this very reason we take the opportunity to shed light upon certain aspects that our customers need to be aware of. Although there are a multiple number of companies which deal with spas and pools Townsville wide, we can safely say that none of them can offer such a wide range of services as us.
We believe in perfection as well as in the fulfilment of your wishes and requirements. Therefore we are the most qualified to handle the construction process of your spas and pools. In addition to this, we also provide extensive maintenance services for your pools and spas. Swimming pools Townsville deserve the necessary care and attention to perfect and execute the design as well as ensure that it is durable. For this to be a reality, it is imperative to consult the experts at Tru Blu Pools & Spas.

Furthermore, at Tru Blu Pools n Spas, we offer and indeed encourage our customers to regularly consult our pool builders as well as designers. This provides you with a better and clearer picture of what you want and how practical it is. It may also provide you with an opportunity to explore new, interesting and aesthetic designs. This will inevitably ensure that your family or leisure pool or spa stands out. So if you are looking for comfort and style, durability and practicality and the utmost professionalism at affordable prices, choose Tru Blu Pools n Spas.
So rely on us for an experience that will fulfil all your needs, demands and requirements in one go!

How to Contact Us

At Tru Blu Pools n Spas, we consistently endeavour to strive towards creating a productive environment from which our customers will invariably benefit. We believe in making it as easy as possible for our customers to contact us when they need advice or assistance.

Call us directly on 0447 944 752. We are located in the heart of Townsville and you can reach out to us directly and discuss your queries regarding the construction or maintenance of your family pool or leisure spa.

You can also email us directly and express your queries and concerns. Our staff will be happy to oblige!
Furthermore, you can follow us on different social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This allows our customers to regularly engage with us and also provides our customers with the opportunity to keep themselves up to date with the increasing variety of services that we introduce. We endeavour to make sure our social networks keep our customers better informed and able to choose interesting and practical designs that fulfil their demands.

To Sum Up

Customers are our first priority here at Tru Blu Pools n Spas. This simple mission makes us strive towards providing you with an experience that will be totally worth both your time and your hard earned money. We have hired the most skilled and dedicated individuals who are just as passionate about their work as you are about designing your own spa or pool.
In addition to this, we aim to work consistently for your continued comfort. This is only possible because we use the best materials in the construction process to ensure reliability and durability. Our experts are also trained to work efficiently and effectively, thus getting the job done as quickly as possible and with the least disruption and discomfort for you and your family.
Pool maintenance is a service that should not be overlooked, vital as it is to keeping your pool looking inviting and cool and at the same time providing for you and your family a safe and infection-free fun place to swim and play. We can not emphasise enough how important it is to have a regular inspection of pool, pumps, filters, fencing and the overall pool environment. A regular maintenance schedule will save you money in the long run by catching possible problems when they are small and easily fixed.

In addition we here at Tru Blu Pools n Spas can not only build your family pool or spa but we also very much enjoy becoming actively involved with you during the design process. Our experts will ensure an effective design and then guide you throughout the course of the construction. By doing so, we hope to provide you with well-constructed solutions that perfectly suit your needs and are pleasing to the eye.

At Tru Blu Pools n Spas, we work very closely with our clients to provide bespoke concrete swimming pools as well as surrounding fencing and paving. Ever since our inception over 25 years ago, we have constantly endeavoured to provide perfection and this has repeatedly been reflected in our professional work and is proven by the satisfaction of our customers.
Apart from designing and constructing, we can also help in repairing and rejuvenating your family pool and spa by providing it with the essential maintenance services that it inevitably requires after a certain period of time. This rejuvenation helps to conserve and protect the originality of the swimming pool or leisure spa, while at the same time upgrading it to conform to your changing needs and wants. Tru Blu Pools & Spas have repeatedly been successful at this as our many satisfied customers can confirm.

Tru Blu Pools & Spas are certified members of the Queensland Master Builders association who since their inception in 1882 offer to “support members to operate professional and profitable businesses that deliver superior quality outcomes to their customers”.

Being members of such an old, well established and respected organisation Tru Blu Pools n Spas can therefore guarantee professional, high-quality and certified standards of workmanship and professional business behaviour.